Bobby Valentino says New Album “Sunday Dinner” will not include any Sexual Music


R&B artist, Bobby Valenino, has the power to make people bump and grind to his music anytime he picks up a mic. Although his sexual music is for more mature crowd, that doesn’t stop a mass audience from enjoying his popular hits like “Slow Down” and “Tell Me”. This music style has made this man a legend in the music game for generations to come.

A big career shift is on the horizon for the artist as he works on his new project called “Sunday Dinner”. This album will be released on Valentine’s Day of the new year 2020. On the carpet at the 2019 Soul Train Awards, Bobby Valentino explains the vision behind his new album and what he hopes to accomplish releasing this project.

“It not even no sex songs on there. It’s just all real songs and real music about life and situations I feel like everybody goes through.” says Valentino. As someone who started in the music business from a young age he is now growing up and maturing himself and wants his music to be a reflection of that. When asked why he wanted to make this change in his sound, he responded by saying, “Just growing up, going through things, seeing things and just living life.”

This album will give us a sense of the type of many Bobby has become and we have already gotten a snippet of it in his new single “Everybody”. “Everybody” gives a smooth jazz vibe with a hip hop flare and Bobby’s talent in his vocals has not missed a beat. The single can be heard on all major music platforms.


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