Lyft To Install Panic Button


After many horrific stories headlining society today, LYFT announces this Tuesday several new ingenuities to their app. After much thought and many horrific stories, the company has decided to design a new in-app panic button for riders to secretly call 911 for safety. Not only did the company add this new feature but they also included enlarged version of driver’s license plates numbers on the app in efforts to avoid riders from getting in the wrong vehicle. But that’s not all, LYFT is also offering sexual harassment training for all drivers and riders who are interested.

In hopes to promote rider safety since the recent incident with last month’s University of South Carolina student’s murder. Both LYFT and UBER are wanting to take precautionary methods to make sure all riders and drivers remain safe while using their app. With these new features LYFT has announced not only are they concerned for their riders but they are also trying to find solutions to make their app a suitable riding services for society.


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