Mack Wilds talks New Film and Working Behind The Scenes


Tristian Mack Wilds, who is known for his role in the film Red Tails, has been grinding since a teen. Born and raised in New York, Wild had his first debut on television at the age of 15, being casted in the mini-series Miracle Boys, and then dabbled into theater after his first acting job. He has worked with many talented actors in the industry such as Phylicia Rashod, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes, the list goes on and on.

Wild, along side Greg Cally has now released a new film, Fifteen, that he directed which premiered at the Black Film Festival. Discussing his directing experience with JaGurl TV founder and owner, Ravin Williams, Wild elaborated “We got a chance to premiere a film with Jack Daniels. You know I’ve been starting to get my hands into directing and everything. Jack Daniels believed in me, took one of the films that we kind of cooked up real quick and we got into the finals of the whole entire competition; so it was dope.”

Wilds isn’t going to stop there though. He is currently working on more movies, TV shows, and music “cooking man”, is what Wilds said.

Be on the lookout for more projects  coming your way from Mack Wilds.


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