About Us

What is JaGurl TV?

JaGurl TV is an entertainment news publication that highlights only positive celebrity culture. JaGurl TV is dedicated to providing you with nothing but positivity in entertainment news, fashion, technology, music, motivation and more! Where else on the web can you get all positive news in one place? We are shifting the culture of media one positive story at a time. JaGurl TV has even been called the ‘positive version of The Shade Room’.

Why was JaGurl TV created?

Originally JaGurl TV was created as an online YouTube channel for exclusive celebrity interviews. As time went on, our founder Ravin Williams created a clearer vision for the brand, and a deeper purpose; sharing positive celebrity news. “I was listening to a speech that Oprah Winfrey was giving and she asked the question ‘Are you moving with purpose?’, and it encouraged me to open my mind and think about want I want our audience to take away from the brand.’; and thats the ability to come to a platform that is dedicated to spreading only positive news story.” states Williams.

When was JaGurl TV founded?

July 14th, 2015 in Atlanta Georgia.