Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin Launch New Record Label JDA Entertainment


On Tuesday December 17, Dallas Austin and Jermaine Dupri held their second annual Christmas party in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with the live performances and cocktail hour, the duo also celebrated launching their new record label called JDA Entertainment. It was a night of many celebrations and JaGurl TV attendEd and get all the inside scoop on the new label.

The legends took to the stage to speak to their guests and not only express their gratitude but also give a background story about how they have had the same dreams since they were 16-years old. To see what they have done for the music industry in Atlanta is truly a testament to their hair work and friendship.

Credit to Choke No Joke Legendary Director on Youtube

Dupri and Austin launched JDA Entertainment right before the end of the year to continue the work they are doing in the music industry. This is a company that combines the work of Rowdy & So So Def to developed talent and sign them. “We’re looking for producers, we’re looking for writers, were looking for artists, we’re looking for managers, creative people, anyone who has creativity in their bones were looking for you..” says Austin. They are looking for fresh new talent that they can guide in the entertainment industry.

JaGurl TV spoke to Jermaine Dupri and ask “How can people inquire about job opportunities with JDA Entertainment?” He responded “We will post something about it very soon.”

There were performances from local artists and Youtube stars that the duo is proud of and took the opportunity to expose them to the pubic. Dupri took to Instagram quoting ” #JDA 2nd annual Christmas Party @dondrianicole on stage doing what the f*** she do.” You heard the artist, Dondria Nicole, hitting notes in the background as they danced and encouraged her performance. If you have a passion for anything creative, this could be you on the stage next!