Kodie Shane Confirms New Music on the Way!


One Music Fest weekend in Atlanta was crazy! So many amazing artist hit the BMI stage including the one and only Kodie Shane. JaGurl TV caught with the Atlanta native to see what has been going on in her busy life as an artist. If you’re not familiar with Kodie Shane, you might want to get comfortable because this girl can do amazing things lyrically and vocally. 

Shane shares her experiences being overseas in places like London and Sweden, “…it was my first time being over there and London was sold out! It’s the culture, and I feel like they appreciate us American artist a little bit more because they don’t get to see us that often.” 

Kodie Shane has confirmed the she will definitely be dropping new music at the end of September. She did not release a date, but she did confirm that, “it will not be a single.” Looks like we can be expecting a whole new project!

Watch our full interview with Kodie Shane below!