Michael Jordan opens Health Clinics in Charlotte


Former professional basketball player, Michael Jordan, has accomplished a lot in his career over the years. Many may debate, but some may say he’s the greatest basketball player of all time. After spending years of having tunnel vision on basketball he can now spread his focus on other passion projects. As part owner of the Charlotte Hornets, he has involved himself in the community more ways than one. Michael Jordan just opened up the Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic for the uninsured and underinsured to promote good health within the community.

“The money is not an issue for me, it’s the commitment to be able to make a difference and make an impact…” said the NBA legend. Two years ago, Michael Jordan made a $7 million dollar donation to help with the development of this project. As a young man, Michael Jordan grew up in the lower-income section of New York City. As someone who once went through the struggle, he is now a member of society that uses his influence to give back and strengthen the community. The clinic will provide vital access to primary and preventive care to residents no matter the state of their insurance.

By: Imani Ferr