Princeton Perez Will Be Releasing a Christmas EP


The 2019 Soul Train has so much talent gracing the carpet, including Princeton from the early 2000s group, Mindless Behavior! Princeton is continuing to make music, and plans to release is a Christmas EP.

“The only reason I wanna do it is because I was in the group Mindless Behavior and we had a Christmas song; and every time the holiday comes around the fans would be like that’s our favorite song. So I feel like I wanna give them a solo one.”

Although the mixtape will include original music, Princeton revealed that he’s thinking about remaking “Let it Snow”, a holiday song sung by the infamous group Boys II Men. Sounds like Princeton is not coming to play this Christmas!

The singer even gave us an exclusive insight on his Christmas EP track list, “You know the girls call me Papa Chulo, so I have a song called ‘Mami Under the Mistletoe’.” 

The fans should be getting ready for this heat that’s about to drop this holiday season.


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