K Camp Undergoes Vocal Surgery


Atlanta rapper, K Camp has announced that he will be undergoing vocal surgery this week to address a non-cancerous vocal cord polyp. He posted to his social media accounts sharing the news.

K Camp stated, “Dear fans, I wanted to share some important news. I’ll be undergoing vocal surgery in a few days. Good news is that it’s not cancerous. Your support means the world to me. Let’s pray that this doesn’t affect me or my music. Thank you for your understanding and love during this time.”

The decision for vocal surgery comes after K Camp consulted with a doctor who diagnosed a ruptured vocal cord, which led to an inflammatory reaction. The result of the reaction was the development of a serious vocal chord polyp. A polyp is a small clump of cells that grows inside your body. Some polyps are benign and can’t turn into cancer. Others can. The odds depend on their location, cause, and how long they’ve been there.

Despite his diagnosis, K Camp is optimistic about the outcome of the surgery. His resilience and dedication to seeking professional medical care reflect his commitment to his artistry and his desire to return to the stage with a renewed sense of vocal strength.

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