Tyler Perry helps Atlanta Native Stephen Johnson out of Mexican Hospital


All of the many incredible things Tyler Perry has been contributing to the world, there is no doubt that in the words of Stephen Johnson, Tyler Perry is a superhero.

Being diagnosed with diabetes, a kidney infection, and pancreatitis while taking a vacation in Mexico, Johnson could not pay his hospital bill which made the hospital hold him until he was able to pay for his treatment. Sharing his story to the world about what was happening before his story got attention Johnson stated, “To be honest they gave me the base minimum to keep me alive, until my story got attention..”.

When his story went viral, it went out to Perry, who acted immediately on the situation. Perry covered Johnson’s $14K hospital bill, and paid for his flight back to Atlanta, Ga.

Johnson made a video shouting out Tyler Perry, “…as a person there is no one like him, and I’m astounded that he reached out and saved my life..”

Johnson has recently been released from a Georgia hospital, and he’s finally on recovery mode from all of his diagnoses he received in Mexico.


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