Chicago Rapper Carla G. Talks Women Empowerment in New Album ‘Stop Wasting P*ssy’


Carla G. is no stranger to the streets of Chicago and has been making noise since releasing her singles “Oou” and “Yo N*gga.” But her musical background came at an early age with the influence of her parents who were also rappers, and sitting in-studio sessions it was natural for her to pick up an interest in music.

Her debut project “Stop Wasting P*ssy” is built on women empowerment and she did not hold back on the tough love and advice! 

“SWP in all means as women we cannot accept less, or settle for less. We have to know our worth and capitalize off it.” Carla G. believes once you reach a certain level of self-love, it’s all about protecting your peace.
The album features her hit song “Waffle House” which was shot in Atlanta, and she said she loves the city so much that moving may be the next few steps. 

But those won’t be the only steps she’ll be taking next, Carla G. has a lot in store for us and she sat down with JaGurl TV to tell us the inside scoop. 

Stream “Stop Wasting P*ssy” HERE