Doechii Releases New Video for Single “Pacer” 


Since her sneak-peak during Coachella, last April, fans have been anticipating, Top Dawg Entertainment’s own, Doechii, to release the visuals for her song, “Pacer”. Well, the video is out, and, per usual, Doechii did not spare the creativity. The director, Nikko La Mere, draws you in with clips of Doechii seen with acupuncture needles from her head to her torso as she lies naked on, what looks like, a surgeon’s table as she bellows out, in perfect pitch, “I’M A ROCKSTAR!!!”

Nikko La Mere is a photographer and videographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has worked with huge artists such as Taylor Swift, Pusha T, Doja Cat, Latto, and more. He was able to capture the uniqueness that Doechii naturally exudes. She executed every look with precision. One could call her visuals dark and Halloweeny; however, you cannot overlook the phenomenal artistry portrayed in each scene.

Check out the video here!