Jordin Sparks and Elijah Blake Announce their Joint EP “1990 Forever”


Artists Jordin Sparks and Elijah Blake have been collaborating for a long time now. The artists is set to release their upcoming EP called “1990 Forever.” They released a single last week called “Real Love.” The pair went on YouTube sensation’s Terrell Brice’s show where they played an R&B game show while speaking about their new album.

According to Jordin the album was originally going to be released on Valentine’s Day.

The album takes us back to 90 R&B while the songs makes us think about the beauty and hardships we go through when we’re in love, or in a relationship.

They are hosting a Listening Party for their new single “Real Love” on April 5th at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles, California. We can’t wait to hear this new EP Jordin and Elijah!

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By: Tiffany Langhorne