Karen Civil: CEO, Influencer, Author and Survivor


Karen Civil is not one to live off titles, but you can’t help but mention ‘powerhouse’ when you say her name. She is the CEO of Always Civil Enterprise, founder of Karencivil.com, founder of Live Civil Brand, and the list goes on; definitely a true influencer indeed. Civil spoke on the panel at A3C Festival in Atlanta Ga., monerated by her friend of over 10 years, Brian “B.Dot” Miller.

Civil opened up about her journey through success, and even reflected on her time working with Funk Master Flex, and Dipset. She reminisced back on when she knew it was time for her to walk in a different path. “It’s time for me to invest into myself and figure out what’s next.” stated Civil.

After feeling the emotion of people misunderstanding her ideas, she knew it was time to level up. “Let me hone in on my ideas, have my own platform, and people who actually want my service will then find it, see it, and come to me. And that’s basically what happen, it created a domino effect.” This is when she invested her time and created karencivil.com .

During her journey she has lost people closer to her who meant the most. After winning her battle fight with having a tumor, Civil found out her friend Malcom had passed away. “I was supposed to be bed written for 8 weeks, and you find strength in certain things and the strength of a friend passing with them not being here I was up, I was moving. I just had to be there for him.” says Civil.

Civil even opened up about the passing of Nipsey Hussle and Mack Miller. “There were days I couldn’t even get out of bed. My friends would literally come and pick me up off the floor, because it was just to a point of…it hurts.” says Civil when referring to her emotions she felt after losing so many loved ones who were close and near to her. “Mack Millers passing made me realize, it made me super defeated. With Nispey’s, there were so many people hurting, I wanted to make sure that he had a proper send off. I wanted this to be an extension of victory lap, I wanted him to go home in a way that was so respectful and happy because honestly, Mack’s funeral made me so depressed and sad.”

Civil is a true survivor and continues to show us that anything is possible, you just have to pull through and spread love. “It’s really just showing love for one another in every situation. And just trying to find love and compassion.”

Civil is shaping the culture one day at a time and truly making an impact on the world.