Syleena Johnson Releases Her Album ‘WOMAN’


Selena Johnson is a GRAMMY nominated R&B soul singer who recorded her first record at age 15. Syleena won her GRAMMY nomination for her performance on Kanye Wests single, “All Falls Down”. On January 31st, 2020 she dropped her 8th studio album, ‘WOMAN’.

In the beginning of her career when she was signed to Jive records, she wrote songs about her experiences and titled each album as a chapter. Those chapters all had a theme. ‘WOMAN’ is no different touching on many of the social issues that women are facing today. She sat down with fans in Atlanta at Cinevision to discuss the new album, and explained how she was able to pull together an album in just a few days. 

“I already knew what I wanted to talk about. Being a talk show host on Sister Circle has opened my eyes to a different perspective of what women are dealing with in our society. Sister Circle is a service job. You have to research your guests, the daily news and what is going on. So it changed my perspective, it changed my writing and streamlined it so I was able to go in and speaked specifically to the issues that mattered to all women.” On the title track ‘Woman’ Syleena sings, You gotta think like a woman/but act harder than a man. Show love like a woman, but take advantage like a man. She added that those first albums were about her, but this album “is for us”.

While she talks about matters of the heart on this album, she went on to say that this is not a male bashing album. In fact, one of the songs, “Mountains” was inspired by her husband. It is a song that praises the man in her life.

‘WOMAN’ is the first project since her last album realease, ‘Rebirth of Soul’ in 2017. The album features Q. Parker from R&B group 112 and Raheem DeVaughn


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