13-year-old Producer Develops Short Film about Colorism


Multitalented 13-year-old Maya Hooks has released a coming of age short film depicting how colorism in the entertainment industry affects young black creatives, titled “Black Girl Vs. Ambiguous.”

The short film follows 12-year-old actress Andrea Worthy (played by Maya Hooks) as she transitions from community theater into television and film. During the casting process, the young actress is subjected to various forms of colorism. It’s during this time, that Worthy decides to challenge these stereotypes and colorist ideals in the entertainment industry.

Hooks wrote, produced, and starred in the award-winning film that is mean’t to shed light on the way colorism in the entertainment industry affects young black talent.

“I really wanted like casting directors and networks, like people in charge of putting tv shows, movies, commercials, and films to see how colorism in the casting process affects kids’ confidence.” Hooks tells O4L Online Network.

Hooks further explains in the interview how the short film was inspired by her past experiences.

“Black Girl Vs Ambiguous is my story and It’s inspired by real events that were painful to me. I still don’t like when I get an audition breakdown that says Black or ethically Ambiguous because Its not the same. I want people to know that your hard work should matter more than the color of your skin, eye color or your hair texture.”

In the upcoming months, the award-winning short film will show at various film festivals.

●Queens New York International Underground Film Festival Oct 15-17th
● Black Harvest Film Festival Nov 6-30th
● Film Girl Milwaukee Film Festival Nov 13-15th
● Cannes Short Film Festival Nov 13-16th

For a sneak peek of what to expect from the film watch the trailer of Black Girl Vs. Ambiguous below.


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