50 Cent Partners with Houston Mayor to Provide Paid Internships for High School Students


Monday(May 17th), Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner announced during a press conference that rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has donated $600,000 to launch a new program to teach three Houston high school students job readiness.

The program, G Star, has partnered with Houston ISD and Horizon United. G star will cater to teens from Wheatley, Worthing, and Kashmere High School who are struggling academically. The program will offer these students paid internships to the newly built G Unity Business Lab, according to KHOU 11.

The music mogul took to Instagram to share his new business venture with his followers.

“The kid that won’t listen to nobody, will listen to me,” He writes. “We come out of the same kinda confusion. This program is just gonna show them how to win.”

Students apart of the program will learn useful business skills important to becoming an entrepreneur. These students will also enroll in MBA-level courses, which will show them the intricate process of running a company.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve been focused on academic enrichment projects and making donations to already exciting organizations that can execute it,” the rapper-turned-entrepreneur says in a statement. “Following COVID, providing the opportunities and tools for people to make their path easier in entrepreneurship, it’s exciting to be a part of that. And a great way to start things in Houston. It’s three schools now, but it’s going to be a lot more. Watch me.”

Recently, the G Unity Foundation founder moved to Houston leaving fans with a cryptic message explaining his reason for relocating.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner welcomed Jackson to the city.

“I am honored to be your Mayor,” Turner said.

During Monday’s press conference, Turner further explains the program’s purpose and how it will add to the student’s overall education.

“A quality education is one of the best tools can give students to succeed in the classroom and their future professional career,” Turner said.

“We want to create additional opportunities for young people who are going to be the scientists, entrepreneurs and will help create the next generation of minority-owned businesses,” Turner concludes.