A Tribute of Chadwick Boseman will be Auctioned off for the Colan Cancer Foundation


The legacy of Chadwick Boseman continues to reside with all of us. A talented man who carried himself with grace until his final moments. Even after his passing, he name is still creating a positive change for others.

According to HypeBeast, 3D artist Andre Oshea has been commissioned to create a NFT tribute to late actor, which will be a part of the six-figure, ‘Everyone Wins’ goody bags presented to Oscar nominees at tomorrow night’s Academy Awards ceremony. All the proceeds made from the two day auction will be going to the Colon Cancer foundation, which aligns perfectly as this will combat the same disease that tragically cut the Black Panther star life short.

“NFTs have really changed my creative process,” Andrea Oshea said. Oshea is a 28-year-old animator who has worked with Adult Swim and John Legend in the past. “Now I focus less on making clients happy and entirely on my own creative visions and explorations. I also take immense pride in being a Black man and NFTs allow me to bring that into my artwork in really cool ways.”

Oshea’s NFT tribute to Chadwick Boseman will be auctioned on Rarible from Sunday 25th April – Tuesday 27th April.