Angela Rye to Host the Jordan Brand’s New Series ‘Real Talk’ About Racial Injustice


The Michael Jordan brand has made it their mission to continue to shed light and bring awareness to the injustices within the Black community. A new series ‘REAL TALK’, hosted by Angela Rye, is set to do just that.

The series will cover topics such as racial issues, the Black community, and education. Angela will be joined by other athletes, journalists, community activists, and social justice experts to assist her in discussing these topics.

President of the Jordan brand, Craig Williams emphasizes their commitment to bring equal justice to individual’s of color. “We know our commitment requires action, not just words, and we are already seeing signs that change is possible when inspiration meets action,”

The promo video for ‘REAL TALK’ was recently released and included insight on what type of information ‘REAL TALK’ plans on providing to the black community. “Jordan Brand’s new content series, will highlight key issues facing the Black Community and how to drive actionable solutions.”

The Jordan brand plans to continue to pledge their commitment to the Black community by continuing to do their part to “create actionable and meaningful change to bring equal justice and opportunity for Black people and all people of color.” says Williams.

The show is set to premiere October 7, 2020 and will stream on Jordan Brand’s YouTube and Instagram channels.