B. Simone shares her advice for a Vegetarian Diet


Comedian B. Simone has inspired the world as she ventured from Instagram to television and producing music. She is constantly in the public eye and is completely content being a part of team natural when it comes to her body. During an interview at a Halloween party in Atlanta hosted by Jess Hilarious and Blameitonkway, B.Simone was asked what is her insight on the difference on being vegan and being a vegetarian. “Vegan is nothing that comes from an animal and vegetarian is no meat.” she says. B.Simone classifies herself as a vegetarian who is still on the journey of making the right food choices for her body. During this interview she also mentions that she went cold turkey with her diet but encourages anyone who is looking to change to start off small if that what works for them. Overall it is about being healthy and body positivity to keep yourself accountable.

B. Simone has shared in a previous interview with Dj Small Eyes that she is a vegetarian to help manage her weight. “I feel pressure to not eat like a pig. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you’re healthy. You can be vegan and eat pasta all day… you can be vegan and eat hot Cheetos all day.” She says she feels constant pressure to be on a diet because she loves how she looks when she is at her best weight. Veganism has been a rollercoaster ride for her when trying to find the right foods to eat because she does realize her weight can fluctuate often. 

B. Simone also expresses how she started studying Dr. Sebi who was a Honduran herbalist and self-proclaimed healer. This is the ideology that there is power in the foods you eat and how it can help protect your body from diseases and other illnesses that most people try to prevent. She said, “I believe in herbalists and i believe that whatever you put into your body is imperative.” She has not only cut out meat in her 3 year journey but also dairy and snacking. She is not perfect but she is slowly trying to cut if off completely. During her previous vegan lifestyle she has seen many changes in her lifestyle. Her doctor was the first to introduce her to making a lifestyle change based on the blood type diet. “I found out my blood type is A+ and A+ does not digest meat well. So once I cut out meat I had way more energy.” said the comedian. Consult with a doctor and do your research if you are thinking of cutting these things out. Some people need certain things in their diet to function properly.

B.Simone’s main advice would be if you can’t go cold turkey ease your way into a vegetarian diet. Cut out what you can until you reach your ultimate goal.