Barack Obama Shares his favorite Books, TV Shows, Movies and Songs of 2019


Known for posting his list of favorites, Barack Obama has brought us again his list of favorites before the new decade begins. He recently revealed his favorite books, movies, songs and television shows of 2019. As the Golden Globes approach us and we anticipate the drop of Oscar nominations, everyone knowns who Obama is rooting for. The list included a variety of genres such as Little Women, Just Mercy, Atlantics, etc…

The list received a lot of love from movie stars like Olivia Wilde who quoted his list on twitter stating, “OH MY GOD.” Attaching a funny meme to the tweet Regina King quoting the tweet saying, “How you feel when your show makes your favorite President’s list of favorites” attaching one of Obama’s various funny memes.

“This year’s list includes everything from explorations of class dynamics and relationships, to an inspired reboot of a classic graphic novel, to a portal back to one of the most special places in history — an Aretha Franklin concert,” Obama wrote Sunday in a Facebook post. Check out the list below and see if you want to update your movie lists!

See below his full list of his favorite songs, and books of 2019: