Big Sean Says ‘Detroit 2’ Will “Touch People” and Help Them Rise to Their Success


On May 24, 2020, Big Sean shared some big secrets about his fifth studio album that is currently on the way. Due to some recent events, there has been some delays in the rollout of the album, but that does not mean Big Sean isn’t working behind the scenes. The album, revealed to be titled Detroit 2, will be a project that not only touches people in the industry but fans across the globe.

Big Sean surprised Dj Khaled by stopping by his live. Dj Khaled took that as an opportunity to ask Big Sean a few questions about his album, and the fans were all here for it! The duo spoke about features, the album cover, and the impact he hopes to have on the world. There were many happy moments when Big Sean smiled out of excitement. He claims the album will have, “The right amount [of songs].”

Dj Khaled, who is a good friend of Big Sean, did a great job of keeping the topics fun and interesting as he tried to get as much information as possible. He jokingly said, “I’m not a journalist! I’m just trying to catch a vibe.” Sean kept a lot of things secret but did open up about his motivation behind the album. “I’m praying that this album touches people and be blessed enough to see success. But my thing I want people to feel the vibration of it and rise to their success more so than anything.”

They then spoke about the album cover and features. Big Sean revealed that many people will be involved in features, but his creative friends were involved in the process of confirming the cover. “I love the cover. Im not gonna lie I texted the cover to like J Cole, I texted it to like Travis, I texted it to Kendrick. I texted it to a lot of people, you know creatives.” Big Sean continued by saying he will text the cover to Dj Khaled for his feedback as well.

Not only can we expect this album, but also a possible record label in the future. “After my album I want to get a label situation together because first of all Detroit need it,” he continued, “I definitely want to return the favor that they gave me and just sign some people and just really put them on.”

Big Sean hinted that he has his eyes on a few artists already.