Black Media Honors Mancave Panelists Talk Doss Skincare and Social Media Influence on Dating

Celebrity relationship coach Rob Malloy and Founder of JaGurl TV Ravin Williams at Mancave panel.

Black media professionals gathered at Atlanta’s Azjio Art Gallery for the 2022 Black Media Honors. Each year, panel discussions give attendees an opportunity to absorb key information toward transforming the Black media narrative. Media Mancave offers the male perspective of social media influence.

The 2022 Black Media Honors Media Mancave panelists include business owners, radio and tv personalities, and financial literacy experts. Askia Innis and Rob Malloy shared their businesses and what’s next with JaGurlTV.

Askia Innis is the CEO of Doss Skincare, an organic, paraben-free men and women’s skincare line for all skin types. JaGurl TV inquires about the inspiration for his brand. “The Inspiration behind the brand was my mom. My mother has dementia and I wanted to dedicate it to her and bring awareness to our black men when comes down to being strong and taking care of your parents.” Innis’ next goal is to bring awareness to an underrepresented community. “I’m getting ready to bring awareness to our caretakers, our Black men, the caretakers that are out there that we don’t talk about.” In a profession that mostly shows women, Innis is looking to change the narrative for Black male caretakers.

Founder of JaGurl TV Ravin Williams and Askia Innis

Another panelist, certified celebrity relationship coach Rob Malloy, discusses the influence of social media and dating. “No the activities that are being exposed by social media is ruining it.” he says while discussing if social media ruining relationships. As a celebrity relationship coach, Malloy identifies what couples need to work on most in their relationships. He emphasizes determining who you are as a person, where you are in life, and if you should include a partner on your journey. “The quicker you can identify where you at and be transparent with your potential partner than you guys can see if you’re a good fit. Once you get to that part you can find out if the chemistry meets the accountability.” Malloy is looking forward to launch The Refined Dating Collective for single men and women entering and returning to the dating scene. “A lot of people are lost right now, they figure love isn’t for them but we have to trace back to the steps reroute and create a new path”.

The Black Media Honors Media Mancave panel shared a lot of wisdom to create a new narrative for the Black community. Askia Innis and Rob Malloy have added to that conversation and movement! To stay updated follow Innis and Malloy on their social media platforms. The Refined Dating Collective event by Rob Malloy will be held on Septemeber 1st with more details coming soon. Be on the lookout for what Askia Innis and Doss Skincare has in store!