Blake Griffin Premieres Wellness Podcast ‘The Pursuit of Healthiness’ on Audible


NBA star, Blake Griffin, teamed up with Audible and OBB Pictures for his first podcast release titled The Pursuit of Healthiness. The podcast is set to launch August 4, with a focus in finding ways to make health and wellness more fun. He brings together guests from the sports, entertainment and health world to educate listeners how to balance the body, spirit and mind.

“The Pursuit of Healthiness’ coming to @audible August 2020. I partnered with @obb on this series to hopefully make the health and wellness landscape a little less daunting, and a lot more fun. Exercise Your Curiosity,” said Griffen to his 3.7 million Instagram followers.

Season 1 celebrity guests will include Michael B. Jordan, Arianna Huffington, Antoni Porowski, Chelsea Handler, Deepak Chopra, Karlie Kloss, Andy Puddicombe, Dave Asprey, Oksana Masters, and NASA’s Scott Smith.

“I’m excited to collaborate with Audible and OBB while I explore a true passion of mine as I connect with a wide range of experts, innovators and outliers throughout the health and wellness landscape,” said Griffin. “I will be talking to everyone from spiritual gurus and entrepreneurs to actors and the NASA nutritionist, and somewhere in there we’re going to figure it all out or at least we’ll find out how gluten works.”

As an athlete himself, Griffin will open up about the things that have kept him healthy in his career. That knowledge will be morphed into useful tools for the everyday listener.

“Blake has unparalleled knowledge and access to the greatest nutritionists, trainers and experts in the fields of health and wellness. If he can’t help us figure out which way is up, we’re all in big trouble,” OBB CEO and founder Michael D. Ratner said. “As we continue to ramp up our podcast business, we’re incredibly excited to be working with Blake and Audible to bring this informative series out into the world.”