Cardi B Denies Posting Transphobic Meme



Cardi B received lots of backlash from her LGBTQ fans after a transphobic meme was posted to her facebook page. Transgender actress, Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross called her out via twitter pointing out the insensitivity the post condoned along with addressing serious issues that are currently taking place in trans community. ” “I am a huge advocate for free speech but as long as its socially acceptable to make jokes about trans people, to make and share memes disparaging & demeaning trans folks, trans folks will continue to be murdered &denied civil rights. #TransIsBeautiful #transrightsarehumanrights,” tweeted Cox.

Cardi B since then denied posting the meme, claiming that a former employee is the one who controls that account, and is the only person with access to it. Even though her fans are relieved, some expressed gratitude that this situation took place in order to highlight critical issues that are not commonly discussed on major platforms.

Ross apologized to Cardi but also challenged her to join the fight and be a voice for the cause. “I appreciate @iamcardib addressing the issue and taking responsibility like a boss. The next step is taking the opportunity to teach the entire industry why this shit is unacceptable and will not be tolerated any longer. THAT would be allyship in action. Cis solidarity sis”.

Celebrities inevitable have a platform through there fame ans success. JaGurl TV wants to know if you think Cardi’s platform should align the movement to civil rights for the LGBTQ community? Let us know in the comments.