Cardi B opens up about Marriage and Motherhood


Balancing the obligations of marriage and motherhood can be a difficult task for new moms, especially when you add being a celebrity in the mix. Since the birth of her daughter Kulture Cephus, Cardi B has shown beyond doubt that balancing motherhood, marriage, and her career are her top priorities. In a recent interview with Vogue, Cardi hangs out in her grandmother’s living room as she opens up about motherhood and marriage.

Like most parents, Cardi wants the best for her baby girl and for her to grow up strong in this world, “The biggest lesson I want to teach her is to don’t worry about what people say and to dream big and follow it…I wish for her to be a businesswoman, an independent woman, and a confident woman”. Cardi also explained what she believes is the most underrated part about motherhood “The most underrated part about motherhood is that it’s hard. People think this is easy, but it’s hard; we deserve more mother days.”

As far as her marriage goes, Cardi is never shy to show her love and attraction for her husband Offset “I love than man, I just want to lick him up and down all day…I love that I feel secure with him and protected, he takes care of home, and he takes care of me,” Cardi says as she disconnects from a facetime call with Offset.  Physical attraction is an essential factor in marriage, but if she had to give one piece of relationship advice, it would be “If you love somebody, no matter what, try to work it out.” Not only did Cardi blush over her hubby and give good relationship advice, but she also shared what the most significant lesson marriage has taught her about herself “Marriage taught me that it’s a unity, it’s not just you it’s both, together.”

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