Chance the Rapper Partners With Ralph Lauren for a Special Digital Performance


Chance the Rapper partnered mwith Ralph Lauren for an intimate virtual performance in which was recorded on Monday, September 14.

The GRAMMY award winning artist delivered a 27 minute concert filmed at the Ralph Lauren Flagship store. The rapper and his band performed hit songs such as “Work Out,” “Summer Friends,” and “Ballin Flossin.”

At the begging of the show, Chance gushed over his partnership with the clothing line.

“I grew up knowing this as the Polo store,” says the rapper in the video “and we’re in the Polo store.”

“Music and fashion to me have always been interlinked,” says Chance, “Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite designers, right by my side for some of my favorite moments in my career and personal life. This intimate virtual concert ties together all the events of my life and allows me to sing about them the way I always wanted to.”

Chance has a history with the iconic Ralph Lauren brand. In 2016, he wore an RRL T-shirt on the cover of his critically-acclaimed mixtape, Coloring Book. For his wedding in 2019, the rapper wore a custom RRL tuxedo.

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After seeing his fans’ reaction to his virtual performance, the rapper took to Twitter to express his gratitude.

“I am filled with joy on the verge of tears,” writes Chance “thank you for the love.”

Watch the highly praised performance below.