Children’s Book “Welcome to the Party” Pulls Inspiration from Gabrielle Union-Wade’s Daughter, Kaavia


Motherhood has been expressed to be one of the most beautiful woman experiences across the board. The 47-year-old actress, Gabrielle Union-Wade, has been open with her fans about her infertility struggles and her journey through surrogacy. Now as a full time mother to four beautiful children, she has insight on the stages of motherhood.

According to ESSENCE, in an interview on Instagram Live, Union-Wade shared how the birth of her daughter, Kaavia James Union-Wade, inspired her new children’s book Welcome To The Party. During the interview, she expressed how Kaavia “came into our lives and changed everything.”

“The party has officially started! 🎈 No matter how you family, we welcome you and we love you. Sweet baby, Welcome to the Party. Link in bio,” she said to her 16 million Instagram followers.

Union-Wade continued the interview by stating, “There’s nothing that we’re ashamed about with our family. I don’t want to hide myself. We are imperfectly perfect. If you have a problem with it, then it’s going to be your problem.”

This book was Union-Wade’s first experience writing a children’s book. The book’s illustrator, Ashley Evans, collaborated on the project to bring the book to the public based on real life experiences. Union-Wade was also proud to state that this was an all black woman project.

The book is now available for purchase at participating retailers.