Chloe x Halle Talk Self Love ‘You Can’t Put Your Happiness on Someone Else’


The impeccable sister duo Chloe x Halle have been kicking down doors in the music industry. Recently they wrapped up an interview with Cosmopolitan to serve on the cover of the September issue!

They mention “owning their rawest feelings and turning them into fuel,” which sparks the conversation of self love and what that actually consists of.

What does this mean? What’s happening? Is this going somewhere, or is it not…?” Halle says, describing where her mind goes when a relationship feels like it’s heading left. “I have to let go and say, listen this might be in my life plans, it might not be, so I’m going to see what happens and use this juice for creativity.” What a productive way to in cooperate the concept of music with everyday emotions.

Chloe says that being good to herself is all about setting boundaries, “Anytime something doesn’t work out, it’s not really healthy to say, ‘I was the reason it messed up.’ I’m still learning that. I’m learning that your happiness, you can’t put on someone else.”

Definitely some key take away’s from such young talents. Congratulations to Chloe x Halle on their achievements, we can’t wait to hear more from the duo!