Ciara and Russell Wilson Open Up About The Prayer They Used to Attract Each Other


Ciara and Russell Wilson have been couple goals for years. The duo is a great representation for black love and what it is like to have a sturdy family dynamic. This year they celebrate their 5 year anniversary since they met March 26, 2015. Luckily for us, the couple went on IG live to talk love, family and the pursuit of manifestation. We got to see their relationship not only from Ciara’s point of view, but Russell’s too.

Actress and host, Lala Anthony also joined in on the conversation to get some insight on what the journey has been like for the couple. As Ciara’s friend, Lala was able to relate to some of the stories that was mentioned during the livestream. It is interesting because as a culture we joked around and always asked Ciara about “the prayer”. What is the prayer she used to attract a good husband and father? “People always say ‘The Prayer’ and its not just one prayer, its multiple prayers.” She continued by saying “You have to think about exactly where you are and where you want to go. If you don’t have a vision about where you want to go you’ll just be shooting in the dark. You won’t get anywhere.”

Russell then followed up by saying,
“The funny thing is that everyone asks what was the prayer for Ciara, but no one really asks what was the prayer for me.” Russell then enlightened everyone on their live about what he wanted to attract in his wife. “I didn’t want perfection, I wanted the perfect thing for me. So I ended up writing down my 5 non-negotiables,” A comment that took Lala by surprise. “My first non-negotiable is I wanted a woman with faith. The second thing is that I wanted a woman who was faithful. Third thing I wanted was an independent woman. Fourth thing is that I wanted a woman who would love me the way my mom loved my dad on his death bed. The fifth thing is that I wanted a woman who tilted the room. I want content on settling for 3 or 4 of the things but we are 5 for 5.”

The Wilsons remind us that our prayers are lined up for us. Standing true in your faith and envisioning what you want will keep you in tune to the end goal.