CNN Don Lemon Debuts His New Show, ‘Don Lemon Tonight’


After 15 years of hosting ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” Don Lemon debuts his new show Monday night with a tweaked title, “Don Lemon Tonight.”

The CNN anchor threw the internet into a frenzy Friday after announcing that he would no longer be hosting the “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” show.

Lemon’s little “tease” ignite speculations that the CNN veteran was leaving the network.

Lemon quickly clarified things on his twitter account.

“Hey everyone,” Lemon writes. “Not what you think. I’m not leaving CNN. Tune in for the handoff on Monday at 10pE, and I’ll explain.”

The following day, Lemon explained more on Twitter.

Lemon explains he “didn’t mean to set the internet on fire” but his statement was true. The anchor goes further to reveal the new name of his show, “Don Lemon Tonight.”

Although the show’s name change seems subtle, the veteran news anchor points out that the tweaked title “comes with a commitment for doing what we do.” He later describes his role as holding “truth to power.”

“We may have a new name, but we have the same mission,” says Lemon. He emphasizes the purpose of his new show is “to have kinds of conversations America needs to move ahead as a country.”

“We’re going to hold people accountable for their words and their actions, but with grace,” Lemon explains. “That’s really important to me. Redemption with accountability.”