Common’s New Health Series ‘Comm + Well’ Focuses On the Layers Needed to Achieve Holistic Wellness


Common has made a name for himself as a jack of all trades through rapping, acting, and writing over his 33 year long career. The Chicago native uses his talents in the arts to cater to his biggest passion, which is being an activist for his community. He continues to use every possible outlet to educate and unite the people. This time he accomplishing his mission through health and wellness.

Common’s new YouTube series, Com+Well, is a six-part series where he lets fans in on his journey to a healthier lifestyle change. During his journey we engage as he focuses on practicing the behaviors to achieve overall wellness mentally, physically, spiritually, and environmentally.

Common will not be alone on his journey as brings various health experts to discuss nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and even some gardening tips! Through all these resources, the intent is to live cleaner life that will inspire his audience to do the same.

“During this quarantine, I’ve had so many conversations that were just based on the pandemic, and what’s going on with Black people. I was like, man, we got to build ourselves up to a mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy place to operate from, or else [we’re all going to feel] depression and anxiety. I don’t think they secrets, but they’re things I never shared that. This is part of my activism.” Common said in a statement.

Watch the full series on Common’s Youtube page if you are ready to tap in the best parts of your soul.