Coronavirus: 5 Reasons to Not Fear This Pandemic


Coronavirus. The microscopic virus that has caused millions to panic. Whole countries have enforced lock downs and curfews to minimize the spread. While the world has many reasons to fear the infectious virus, with 182,000 plus confirmed cases to date, some science professors are giving us reason to stay calm. Ignacio Lopez-Goni, a microbiology and virology professor at the University of Navarra in Spain, is offering his scientific reasons why COVID-19 isn’t the end all be all of the planet. Based on his observations here are five reasons why not to panic.

  1. The virus can be cleaned away

As the case with many different contagious sicknesses, this virus is able to effectively be wiped and washed off of various surfaces. According to researchers, once coughed out, COVID-19 may be able to last on surfaces in droplet forms for up to four hours. So, how is this a positive thing you may ask. Well, it isn’t if you don’t know how to clean the virus away, but I have good news for you. You are reading this! The best way to disinfect surfaces are with a mixture consisting of ethanol (62-71% alcohol), hydrogen peroxide (0.5% hydrogen peroxide) or 0.1% bleach (sodium hyperochlorite). Using that mixture to wipe down surfaces, along side of washing your hands and minimizing the amount of times you touch your face will help to keep many from catching the virus.

2. Most cases are mild

Although many fear testing positive for corona virus, the majority of the cases are mild at best. Nearly 81% of cases involve people who have mild or even no symptoms, while only 14% of cases cause severe pneumonia and 5% are critical or deadly. That’s pretty good odds.

3. Recovery is common

According to Professor Lopez-Goni, “Much of the reported data relates to the increase in the number of confirmed cases and the number of deaths, but most infected people are cured.” He states “there are 13 times more cured cases than deaths, and that proportion is increasing.

4. Vaccine prototypes are in the works

Right now a vaccine for the coronavirus is being designed. Various vaccine projects are being taken on around the globe in order to find ways to help people recover and or become more immune to getting it at all. “Our ability to design new vaccines is spectacular. There are already more than eight projects underway seekimg a new vaccine against the coronavirus,” Professor Lopez-Goni has mentioned. Which leads us into the final reason not to panic.

5. Scientist are working together

Internationally scientist are working together to learn more about the virus and create a vaccine to combat it. As we speak many have written dozens of articles about their individual findings to help aid others around the world in their own discoveries. Each and every shared discovery about COVID-19 is helping the world to move faster towards a vaccine.

We all have a responsibility as a community to keep each other safe. All though the virus is scary, it can pass quickly if we listen to our health officials. Be kind, only take the resources you need, and practice social distancing to stop the spread.