Celebrities Support Global Citizen and WHO to Urge Funding for Coronavirus


Due to the Corona virus pandemic, Global Citizen’s is running an urgent campaign to support World Health Organization’s (WHO) that support funds that will help stop the spread of Coronavirus. The Stand Together to Beat Coronavirus campaign was launched as an effort to get leaders to support WHO’s mission.

 Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, Usher, and Becky G are spreading the word to fans through social media. They are urging fans to join the movement by doing the following three steps. “1. Call on G20 leaders to urgently fund the WHO’s COVID-19 response. 2. Ask corporations + individuals to donate to the WHO Solidarity Fund. 3. Wash your Hands + practice social distancing.”

In an effort to respond to this global crisis $678 million is estimated to be able to fund according to WHO. For all the information regarding this campaign you can visit their website.