Dai Time Joins the #LetsTalk Series with Insight on her Media Career, How She Got Started, and More


Dai Time is a 14-year old killing it as a teen influencer, media correspondent, author, dancer, and actress from Atlanta, GA. You may also know her from red carpet interviews at major events, her hit singles in 2015 called “Best Friend” and “Hair Bows and Skates”, or from her publication Dai Time Magazine. During this episode of #LetsTalk, we dug deeper on how she got involved in the media game especially at such a young age.

Dai Time is the creator of Dai Time Magazine, a youth-focused publication and podcast. Their mission is to feature amazing youth on the cover and highlight outstanding youth stories. You can also see her take this work ethic to Instagram Live, where she does virtual chats with her fans favorite teens in entertainment. “So my media career in specific I wanna say I got started with it around 10,” she said to our surprise. “I was just one of those kids who just always asked questions. Whatever came to mind I would ask it in the most polite way possible, and I guess my mom kind of just saw it and was like lets put it to use in someway,” she continued. From there the idea of being a media corespondent took off in a full blown career that she is pursuing in Los Angeles.

“I feel like I’ve always wanted to be famous, or at least known. I just felt like whatever I did I would just become well known. As a child, it was like it doesn’t matter what you do. Anything you do choose to do will make you well known if you’re good at it,” she proclaimed. This ideology applied to not only her media career but her other interests as well. “When I was younger and still till this day, I wanna be a heart and kidney transplant surgeon.” She loves both professions and will do what is best for her as she continues to learn new skills, develop her crafts and grow as a person.

So what is next? At the ripe age of 14-years old, and with so many talents under her belt the world is at her disposal. “I don’t have a problem where this leads me. I don’t have a problem acting, I don’t have a problem modeling, but I do hope that in the future I can get my own youth talk show. So that’s one goal I am really pushing for.”

Keep a look out for this talented teen as you may see her on your television screen real soon.