Damar Jackson Reveals His New Look in his latest single, “Kim & Kanye”


Singer-songwriter Damar Jackson reveals he has let go of his signature locs in new music video for his single, “Kim & Kanye.”

Jackson’s long hair has been a signature style over his steadily evolving musical career, starting from playing the keyboard to emulating radio singles to co-writing hit singles. A breakthrough in the Louisiana native’s career occurred after he co-wrote K Camp‘s hit single, “Comfortable” back in 2015.

According to Allmusic, the single reached number 22 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart and crossed into the Hot 100 at number 54. In 2018, Jackson also released the single “Retawded” with Gucci Mane.

In 2018, during an interview with DJ Small Eyes, Jackson refers to his hair as a form of “discipline.”

“It takes time, it take discipline. It says a lot about somebody who can grow their locs out for 10 to 11 years.”

Although fond of his hair and his style, during the interview Jackson also referred to one of his biggest pet peeves regarding his hair, the length.

“When they get a certain length they be everywhere,” the singer says. He continues expressing the “hassle” that comes with maintaining long hair. “Like when I take my hair down, I could be holding a cup in my hair and I could turn around to talk to someone bro, my hair’s in my cup.”

In the visual for his latest single, “Kim & Kanye” which takes place on a private jet, Jackson is seen sporting a shorter cut, while engaging with his love interest.

His locs are gone but his talent is still there, watch Damar Jackson’s new music video below.