Derby49 Releases Hotly Anticipated Single ‘No Problems’


Louisville Kentucky –based rapper Derby49’s hotly anticipated and newly released single offers listeners a wealth of memorable lyrics, captivating sounds and a powerful attention-getting message.

That’s saying a lot for a budding musical master who in her musical career has created timeless music that will make you have fun, get in your feelings, and zone into her attention drawing vibes.  

Her new single “No Problems” was released on February 2nd, 2020 and is quickly picking up momentum.

The single is about Derby49 overcoming obstacles in her past life from people not believing in her, and her doing what’s best on this new journey through life. “I’m moving and I’m only accepting positive energy. I’m focus on my money, family, swag and my life keeping it SPANKIN HOT 10-4.” Many people can relate as to having haters who do not want to see you succeed. This record; is just for them!

Being inspired by artist such as Aaliyah, Selena, Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, TLC, destiny’s child, Mary J Blige, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Fefe Dobson, and Brandy, Derby49 has a style and musical presence like no other.

With her music video for “No Problems” on the way, Derby49 is making her presence known by promoting a powerfully message, capturing your attention and helping woman gain their confidence through her music

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Listen to “No Problems” now by clicking HERE.