Rob Gentry, CEO of EVDY, Changes the Narrative Around Cannabis and Mental Health


Rob Gentry is linking the connection between mental health and cannabis with his company EVDY. Everyday (EVDY) created a product for everyday use that encourages an overall better quality of life. JaGurl TV sat with the CEO to discuss the benefits and opportunities of the cannabis product for those seeking relief. 

Gentry pulled his inspiration for EVDY from his own personal experience within his community. “The inspiration behind Everyday was my environment, a lot of us from our community we’re known for doing big things with little. It was inspiration all around me when I saw people not being able to accomplish the things that they wanted to or they were made to do what they had to do. So I decided to break out and provide a vehicle using cannabis for everybody to be able to participate in the industry but also have a chance at other opportunities in life.” Using Delta-8 in his versatile powdered product promotes relaxation. 

Cannabis has been criminalized. EVDY is taking the next step of debunking the stigma around the plant. Gentry uses his product to “raise awareness and educate people on cannabis use.” He continues, “People will take pills drink, all these different types of things to combat stress and anxiety. You know cannabis is from the Earth, it’s a natural substance that has a lot of benefits for your body. Our product provides a lot of relief for people’s life.” EVDY isn’t just promoting a product, but a different outlook and quality of life. “Whether it be the mom that has a lot of kids that’s stressed out, somebody who can’t smoke, somebody who has cancer, somebody who’s dealing with PTSD, a lot of the veterans. We try to tap into people to make meaningful partnerships that produce opportunity. Whether that would be events that teach people, educate people, or just provide opportunities to partner with us to come out with different products and brands.”

Leading into a conversation about mental health, Gentry doesn’t shy away from his own past creating an openness to a somewhat taboo topic. His motivation behind creating the powder allowed people to understand its true benefits and how it has helped him. “So for one, I dealt with anxiety. I’ve dealt with forms of PTSD and things of that sort. I think a lot of us from our community how we move forward and interact with life, we don’t take the time to look back at our past to see how we’ve really been affected. I’m vocal about it. Me speaking about it is one of the ways but also the product addresses it. It allows you to feel your best and be your best self. You’re not dealing with the other baggage and the day-to-day stresses then you’re allowed to be more present and you can participate in life more. So that’s what we wanted to do with that. That was one of the motivators behind creating the product. And I’m very vocal about how it makes you feel and what it helps with. I take it myself. I take CBD products, cannabis. I do those things to help me.” 

By being open with his experience, Gentry is able to educate and bring awareness to mental health in our community. He also encourages others to seek peace within themselves. “Mentally where you’re at you’re able to accomplish more when you understand who you are. When you have mental clarity, everything starts with your mind. I think people should take the time to explore themselves.”

As a business owner, Gentry isn’t one to gate-keep information when getting started. “We want to help people from our communities. We want to help people from the nontraditional cannabis industry and give pointers. My advice would be, there are a lot of people in general out here that try to do things because they’re popular or because they have to do it. My best advice is to be themselves. Find something you love to do and then it doesn’t become a job, it’s not stressful. I’m in this space and I love it.” 

Taking a turn from working on airline computer systems, he found a deeper love within the cannabis community. In this, he encourages future entrepreneurs and people in general to find that same passion. 

“I love planes, it just wasn’t my lane. When I started dealing with cannabis, it was just something that I liked and loved. I loved the culture I loved the people, I loved what it’s able to do, and I love the versatility of the plant. You can make clothes, food sources, its energy. I like that about it. That’s where I’m at and that’s where I stay. For people trying to start a business regardless of how hard it is, in the beginning, to get going or what knowledge you think that you do have. Just seek that knowledge out, make yourself valuable, and find something that you love to do.” He continues, “Once I found myself, I had to be secure with me in whatever that was. What people think about you that shouldn’t affect you. If you know who you are. So find yourself.” 

To stay up to date with Rob Gentry and EVDY, follow the company on Instagram or their website. Although no events are currently happening, Gentry wants the community to try the product, and discover and share its versatility. “It’s so versatile that we want people to show us how they use it.” With an amazing support system in his corner, Rob Gentry is raising awareness and creating more conversations one powder at a time.