Former Reality Star Ebony Avery aka ‘Risky’ Talks Marriage, Life As An Entrepreneur and More


In the earlier years of 2000’s reality tv was blooming with tv show after tv show creating opportunities for individuals to build a brand for themselves, which is exactly what Ebony did.

Ebony Avery, also known as Risky appeared on the show ‘Real Chance of Love’ back in 2008. The show was a hit creating an avenue for her to grow in the entertainment industry. On the third episode of JaGurl TV #LetsTalk, Ebony discussed everything from her life on reality tv, to her marriage with Atlanta legend, Dj Holiday.

“Somebody reached to me and told me they wanted me to come in and meet with the producers for the show. At that time I was waitressing and working at a doctors office, so I was like, ‘hey an opportunity to be on TV, cool, Vh1… cool, Ima do it” says Risky as she takes us back to memory lane being casted for the Real Chance of Love.

After the show aired, Ebony was presented with another television opportunity, being casted for VH1’s Charm School with Ricki Lake. “That was something they ask you to do from ones who were on the previous shows, they reached out to you and said ‘Hey, we want you to go and do Charm School,’ and of course at that time no one is turning down another opportunity to be on another show, and especially when they have a cash price.” Ebony went on to star on the show, and hit big winning the grand prize of $100K.

Be sure to watch the full interview and hear more about her story, family life as a wife and mother, and being the owner of Risky B Designs, and Risky Luxury Lashes by clicking here, or pressing play on the video above.