Future Drops His New EP “Save Me”


Wednesday, Future announced the imminent arrival of Save Me, after teasing a pair of somber tracks in “Xanax Damage” and “Government Officials.” With bleak and minimalist artwork, some speculated that Future was gearing up for his darkest release in a minute, perhaps since the days of DS2. Thursday, the tracklist for the upcoming EP has come through via Complex, and it would appear those sensing a more somber tone were indeed correct. Check out the track titles below:

1. Xanax Damage
2. St. Lucia
3. Please Tell Me
4. Shotgun
5. Government Official
6. Extra
7. Love Thy Enemies

Though it’s dangerous to infer content based on track titles alone, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Future in a reflective state, something that wasn’t entirely present across the villainous WIZRD. Should this manifest as a heartfelt, emotional, and tragic check-in on Future’s well-being, perhaps we’ll once again find beauty in the melancholic. Is that not, after what the fans desire? Do you think Future delivered something different on this album?