Google Celebrates Black History Month With a Heartfelt Commercial


With only a few days left before Black History month begins, Google premiered its new commercial during the 62nd GRAMMY Awards Sunday night.

This years ad honors #TheMostSearched people and events in a variety of categories. Google tweeted, “This February, we’re celebrating
the Black history makers who have helped shape and influence American culture. According to @GoogleTrends data, these icons, events and movements are #TheMostSearched in the U.S.→… #BHM.”

The clip opens with “the most searched performance”, Beyoncé headlining Coachella in 2018 and 20 others in all areas of African American culture, such as; entertainment, the arts and sciences, civil rights, sports and the military.

As the commercial concludes with these words, “To the history makers and those they inspire, search on.” The video had reached 1.7 million views, over 13,000 retweets, 23,000 likes, and over 700 comments by late Monday afternoon.