India Shawn Talks Meditation, ‘Being Still’ and ‘In The Moment’ at the 2020 Soul Train Awards


Los Angeles born singer and songwriter, India Shawn, who calls her self the ‘Mid-Tempo Mermaid’ has been in the music industry for over 10 years. In 2012 India released her debut EP, Origin. The artist has worked with major names in the industry including Chris Brown, Diddy, El Debarge, Keri Hilson, and Monica. Actually, in 2013 Solange Knowles featured India’s ‘ I’m Alive,’ track on her Saint Heron compilation album.

With India breaking out into being an artist her music has spiritual and emotional components to it, which can reflect on India’s personal connection to her music. India speaks about being still and in the moment during the Soul Train Award Press Conference, and give tips for artist looking to use mediation as their form of taping into their inner self.

“In terms of meditation, I would say don’t put so much pressure on yourself, to see any results. It’s not about that, it’s really just a reset. It’s a cool test to see, can I sit with myself?” she says ” Can I sit down with myself, and close my eyes for 5 mins? Can you be with you thoughts, and see what’s at the forefront of your consciousness.”

For those out there, who find it difficult to be still and indulge in meditation, India adds “Start with a couple of minutes, and then stretch that as you get more comfortable with it, 3 minutes even.”

India dives into how Meditation has even helped her as an artist, “It’s been magical for me, just to kind of calm my mind, it’s less of trying to be free from my thoughts and more about being conscious of what’s on my mind. ” she says to JaGurl TV “Where is my focus right now? Now, If I can sit down and I’m thinking about ol boy it’s like I might need to shift my focus because I have some other things to handle, so it’s just made me more self aware and focused.”