Issa Rae Partners with LIFEWTR with new Campaign to Amplify Diversity in the Arts


Insecure star Issa Rae joins PespiCoke’s LIFEWTR campaign “Life Unseen” to create a platform for the next emerging generation of diverse creatives.

According to the press release, the campaign will “expose representational blind spots in the creative industry through a first-of-its-kind research study.” Along the campaign will seek to “uplift the creative expressions” of 20 diverse minority creatives. Life Unseen will also select 5 winners, these new creatives will receive mentorship from Rae and funding to support their creative endeavors.

Rae’s decided to join the initiative because it aligns with not only her past experiences but her production company’s, Hoorae, mission to give a platform in Hollywood for diverse voices.

“As a creative, I understand how important it is for your work to have a platform,” Rae tells Essence. “All you want is for your work to be seen, because you’re always like, ‘Man, if the right person just sees it, then I can get an opportunity.’ To be able to give those creators just that is something that aligns with my mission since my career has started, and LIFEWTR’s as well. They’ve, since the company’s inception, prioritized diverse voices. To be able to showcase in some way all 20 of these creatives on their bottle collection and on their literal product set for the world to see is incredible. What bigger platform than that?”

Since LIFEWTR’s inception in 2017, the company has remained committed to program and creative partnerships to help ampfy the voice of diverse creatives.

“At LIFEWTR, we believe nothing should limit a creator from sharing their perspective with the world. Yet, we remain acutely aware that pervasive bias across creative industries has left entire communities and their work unseen by the masses,” says Zach Harris, Vice President, Water Portfolio at PepsiCo Beverages North America, in a statement. “That’s why, together with Issa Rae, we’re thrilled to unleash Life Unseen into the world, featuring our largest bottle collection ever, as we continue to use our platform to support the work of all creatives.”

To participate, Contestants must post their work on Instagram using the #LifeUnseenContest. Five contestants will be chosen as the winners and receive the cash prize and advice from the Hollywood star. Contestants will be judged on three limits; Power of Story, Creativity, and Originality.

Next month, LIFEWTR will highlight a collection of new artists’ labels for its water bottles. The labels will be created and designed by 20 diverse minority artists who were selected last year. Some creatives selected include Shanée Benjamin, Christina Mallon, Gina Chavez, and Anthony Blue Jr. Along with showcasing their work on the LIFEWTR’s bottle, they each were chosen to star in LIFEWTR’s new as for the Life Unseen Campaign. Rapper Yung Baby Tate did a voice-over for the ad, an artist who worked previously with Rae’s Raedio Label.

“Before I came on board, which was a pleasant surprise, “Rae begins. “LIFEWTR gave me some names, we gave LIFEWTR some names, and she was already on there. It was like, “Oh, y’all know I worked with her.”

“I also had a hand in creating the video producing the video via Color Creative, a management company, and a production company, Rae explains. “We selected the director, Child, who I’m a huge fan of. Yung Baby Tate in particular is such a self-starter. That’s what drew me to her. I love working with multi-hyphenates and people who are entrepreneurs in their own right. She’s been working to create a platform for herself. She always empowers other female artists across the globe. It’s the epitome of a creative that I aspire to because she just never runs out of ideas. I love that she’s involved in this.”

Watch the campaign video below.

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