Jeannie Mai Encourages Asians to Support Black Lives Matter Movement


TV personality Jeannie Mai took to her instagram to encourage Asian Americans to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mai grew up in a mixed Asian, Hispanic and African American neighborhood. She mentioned how she was taught not to ruffle feathers and to be compliant. However, she is realizing that the lack of attention towards these racist circumstances allows them to continue to happen.

“Asians are afraid to choose between the side that has privilege and power versus the side that’s prone to be the next victim of injustice.

She expressed how the Asian American community is afraid to choose or speak up since they too have experienced racism. However she encouraged that not choosing a side, is inadvertently choosing the wrong side.

“Your silence is betrayal. Take the mussels off,” said Jeannie in the post. “Many of us are not aware of this innate fear we have. It comes from our upbringing, our family, our values.”

By sharing her thoughts, she hopes to encourage others to openly express their support for the lives of others. These efforts are starting on social media but need to continue long beyond the social media sphere. The fight continues inside our homes, schools, offices, and beyond. She encouraged people to have those conversations with loved ones, coworkers, and associates who need to educate themselves on how they can help the cause.