Jeannie Mai Reveals Symbolic Wedding Details


The Real talk show co-host, Jeannine Mai, revealed during Tuesday’s show that she has officially signed her name for the first time since marrying Rapper Jeezy last month.

“So today, actually with my EP Rachel, I officially signed my name for the first time with Jenkins to it so that we can put it into the show credit that you see today,” she shared with her co-hots. “That was the first time I’ve ever signed it, in its official way, so I’m so proud to finally be Mrs. Jenkins!”

Mrs. Jenkins also revealed to her co-host and viewers that she “envisioned” the dress the moment Jeezy proposed.

On the big day, the bride wore a custom nude Galia Lahav gown. The gown’s sheer bodice flowed elegantly into a chiffon skirt. By hand, matching nude appliques were applied to the dress, according to People.

“I knew that I wanted something very effervescent and nude,” She explains. “I did not want to wear white because we all know that white symbolizes purity, and that ship has sailed!”

“I knew I wanted nude because the color; it represents how skin deep I want to be with Jay. It’s the color that represents how transparent we are with each other.”

Mai Jenkins goes further to explain the details of her wedding and it’s symbolism.

“Even the wedding arch,” she shares. “You notice that they weren’t flowers. We chose palm leaves, which is very popular in Vietnam. They represent power and eternal life. And then the Italian Ruscus, on the other side of it, represents humility, which is obviously before god. We wanted peace, eternal life, and humility there.”

She continues mentioning the symbolism of their rings. “Everything was symbolic. Even our wedding rings. Down to our wedding rings, we didn’t do anything traditional. I personally love the engagement ring that Jay designed for me. I couldn’t imagine staking something to that, so I did pinky rings, one for him and one for me on my fingers.”

Jeezy and Mai wed last month on March 27th.