Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu rob and strip in ‘Hustlers’ trailer


With talks going around about the upcoming movie Hustlers and a trailer snippet teaser posted on Cardi B’s Instagram page, the highly anticipated trailer finally dropped today! Jennifer Lopez spoked before the trailer began playing, revealing that the movie will be in theaters September 13. 

“I hope you guys enjoy it, I’m really proud of this movie, I’m really excited about it”

Photo courtesy of STXFilms

The trailer opens up with Lopez appearing to be a seasoned stripper dancer, showing Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu, the ropes of using the pole. The trailer then goes into the thick of the story, with Wu’s character explaining to Lopez’s character… ” I just wanna take care of my grandma, maybe go shopping every once in a while”

Photo courtesy of STXFilms

The trailer also showed that this film is inspired by a true story! As the trailer progresses, with Cardi B’s hit single ‘Money’ playing throughout, it shows that Lopez recruits Wu and a couple of other women to corrupt their wealthy costumers to take their money and all the trouble the women are going to face throughout the movie. The film will also include Julia Stiles, Keke palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, and platinum-selling artist Cardi B. They all make a short appearance in the trailer as well. 

 What the trailer below and tell us what you think!