Chance The Rapper announces album title and release date


Chance the Rapper recently made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon. They discussed many topics, but the topic of his debut album had to be the highlight of the whole interview!

The rapper began explaining to Jimmy Fallon how he actually got a little piece of the action with the Lion King film. He mentioned his really good friend Childish Gambino  (Donald Glover ), who contacted Chance to see if he would come in to be a nostalgic consultant to tell John Favreau (Director of Lion King) what the 90s kids liked about Lion King.

“Wow you’re a nostalgic consultant” Jimmy joked. “I’m the guy who knows about nostalgic” Chance joked back.

The conversation of Chance’s debut album began to surface. The rapper has so many mixtapes out, that were free of charge! Jimmy started the conversation off by actually revealing the cover of Chance’s album. 

“We kind of made a little bit of a deal backstage” Jimmy stated. “I wanna know the name of this album, I wanna know the release date of this album, can you give me one of the two? Or both?” 

The deal between the rapper and Fallon was that Jimmy was to pre-order his album right now. The talk show host pre-ordered the album on the show in front of Chance & the audience, which got the rapper to say the release date and album title.

“My name is Chance the Rapper and I will be releasing my debut album on July 26, entitled ‘The Big Day’”

There you have it, folks! Who will be ordering and streaming Chance’s upcoming album?