Jermaine Dupri Speaks On His Longevity In The Music Industry at 2020 Soul Train Awards


Rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, record executive, disc jockey television, and legendary producer Jermaine Dupri has a long list of roles he plays within the industry and dominates anything he puts his hands on.

The longevity of his career dates back to him debuting as a solo artist back in 1998 releasing the album, ‘Jermaine Dupri’. That same year, Dupri moved onto discovering musical groups in which he introduced the Atlanta-based male R&B quartet Jagged Edge.

At the 2020 Soul Train Awards Press Conference, Dupri spoke on other groups he was worked based out of Atlanta, including TLC, “A lot of people don’t know TLC was my group before Kriss Kross, TLC was my group before they got signed to Laface.”

With things in the industry constantly involving and changing. it’s interesting to know how a producer dating back to the 90’s keeps up with the constant evolution of music. During the Soul Train Awards Press Conference, Dupri elaborates on how the evolution of music, “honestly, it doesn’t change, that’s just mental. it’s a number of things you have to do every time you make records, and I just follow those number of things.”

Dupri does acknowledge that looks wise and sound wise, these things do change. He continues to say “but as far as making a hit song, or trying to make a hit song, it’s like cooking on Thanksgiving. If you want your Thanksgiving to be good, you know exactly what you have to do or who you got to go get to make sure you got a great Thanksgiving.”

So, it’s safe to say Dupri knows the recipe for continuing to produce hits no matter the sound, genre or generation!