Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise in a MMA fight


Justin Bieber is definitely the one who lives for danger! 

Bieber recently tweeted out that he is challenging Tom Cruise to a fight! What?!

Tom Cruise has yet to respond to the pop stars challenge, but the question is will he?! Bieber might need to watch out, Tom Cruise is Mr. Mission Impossible. Entertainment Weekly listed some stats on the celebs.

Justin Bieber: 25 years old

5’9 and reportedly 146 pounds


Tom Cruise: 56 years old

5’7 and anywhere from 148 to 170 pounds.

A lot of people believe that Cruise, who regularly stays in physical condition to do his own stunts in the movies he appear in, would definitely drop Bieber to the floor.

Fighter Conor McGregor has offered to host the fight and has aimed at Cruise saying the fight could happen if the actor is “man enough to accept this challenge” and also saying “does he have the sprouts to fight like he does in movies?”

Will Tom Cruise accept this mission?