Kelly Rowland Partners with St. Anne’s for International Women’s Day

TODAY -- Pictured: Kelly Rowland on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

In a recent interview with BET, Kelly Rowland shared the reason why she partnered with St. Anne’s for International Women’s Day and her new bundle of joy.

“I was actually introduced to St. Anne through my friends, Katora Brown and Courtney who started the charity,” Rowland explained. “They were showing the moms how to care for their kids and how to cook. And they asked to me come along.”

Rowland said once she sat in at a meeting and learned about the women, and heard their conversations she was honored to gather with such brave women. She says she does what she can for the charity, and is a huge champion of women.

“These women are heroes,” Rowland explained. “The more we know and identify that greatness within ourselves, the more we’re able to have space to allow other women to be great as well, without having to compare.”

Rowland says she’s a makeup of women and is grateful for the lessons, and knowledge she was taught and says, “we need to celebrate ourselves in each other every day.”

When asked about gender roles, stereotypes, and conditions with her sons as a boy mom by the interviewer, Alexis Reese, Rowland says “We haven’t had deep conversations about that yet. Our norm is to react in love, that’s the way it should be.”

Baby Noah is Rowlands’s new obsession and she enjoys seeing her sons interact, and says she’s in blissful joy over her new baby. “His name means peace, and he is the sweetest,” Rowland expressed. “He’s so cute! he has the fullest lips, his eyes are like his dad, his nose is like his dads, and he has the fullest cheeks!”

Check out the interview below.